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Britain is greater than America. America = Fail. Britain FTW.
September 17, 2009, 1:13 pm
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Respect for British Wording and Communication.

  • I grew up reading british authors.  I thought colour and theatre were best (And still do).  I read those books like as a toddler (7 or so).  British language and wording has been in heritage and reading and therefore cognition for a very long time.  I’m comfortable with british authors and trust them (as I do with australia too).  I do NOT trust american authors AT ALL and therefore I do not read nor connect with them! I DO trust british and australian authors!  In my future I will live in britain for a time and then in australia!  I will also likely revisit canada, visit phillippines for the first time, too. Yes
  • British reads are validating and move my life forward.  Connecting with a great british author (dawkins, db, douglas adams) moves my thinking and brain and linguistic programming forward.  American authors I feel disgust towards and american authors bring pain and havoc because of poor logic.  British authors operate on congruent thought patterns and generate freedom in thinking because a british author’s books are more linguistically adroit, adept, and lucid! In short, britain (and australia) = more clarity! TRUE!.
  • Brits have AWESOME phrases like “Otious Dullard”
  • Austin powers is british
  • Bollocks is what I ALWAYS say, and that’s british!  I am british/australian!
Listening to BBC. British Radio over american (or any).
I’ve listened to BBC in 2003, 2005, the past 4-6 years. with dashboard apps.  Everway I could hijack/import/acquire any bbc stuff any british stuff to where I was because it was the only nutrient-rich resource.
Love British Voices, feel the most Successful, comfortable, humorous advanced, progressive listening to british voices.
American voices are not just
Experiences in America have been painful and pleasant (to be euphemstic)
  • 2006 — tony robbins — dragged out crying of the conference, ripped off, given a box of 10 year-old cd (they were from mid 90s, it was 2006), screamed at by cult coworkers to “And never come back”, had the police called on me, brutally and pugnaciously punched in the face creating a brutal black eye, that evening.  ELIXIR Ignore 95% of the people in world and only connect with the select few who honor my strengths. from that (the Morningstar guy said he always had connections with people): the majority of the world is literally retarded.  Go with people who respect you and IGNORE with SEVERE Deliberation and ADAMANCE (adamantly and deliberately and unwillingly ignore) the retarded people.  People who don’t only see the best in me are retarded.  Therefore bio parents are retarded.
  • Times cops have been called because of ME. (this is all in america)
  • Police File if everything was recorded with every run-ins with cops
  1. 1996, Age 12, Ran Away
  2. 2001, Age 17 or 18, Flipped over in car
  3. 2003, Age 19, Intoxicated to Hospital
  4. 2004, Age 20, SEA Semester on boat
  5. 2004, Age 20, Entered Protected Seal Rookery
  6. 2005, Age 21, Disruption on Basketball court
  7. 2006, Age 22, Conflict with Mother
  8. 2006, Age 22, Asked to Leave Tony Robbins’ Conference
  9. 2006, Age 22, Malibu Lost Wallet
  10. 2006, Called ambualance girl overdose
  11. 2006, Age 22, Speeding Ticket
  12. 2007, Age 23, Victim of Assault and Battery
  13. 2007, Age 24, Red Light Traffic Ticket (auto capture)
  14. 2008, Age 24, Police Officers stopped for theft suspicion UCSB, Supertroopers
  15. 2008, Age 24, U-Turn Traffic Ticket
  16. Not proud, but worth pointing out. And eager to move on towards just artist, total performacne focus, no pain from not doing what I want, just art , performances baby!

I need to be in a fucking country where there’s SOCCER!! Soccer is a REAL sport.
What does america have?  America has fucking baseball?!!! What the fuck is fat guys standing on a 4 cushions hitting balls of twine with a stick have anything to do with….anything worthwhile?
Bball is okay, but american football????  again FAT guys bumping into each other???? LAME.  I fucking hate the super bowl.  World cup ftw.
Hockey’s fairly okay, but not interested.

Majority of Author’s I’ve read in my ENTIRE LIFE have been British!! TRue!!

Britain felt like “new” chicago, new home in 2003.
From busstops to others. Britatin was like the more intelligent…more sophisticated chicago by fAR!

European women are simply more open than the close-minded, revoltingly-lame american women are.  European women are more accepting of more exotic sexual practices including anal and irrumato
I simply TRUST british and australians more than Americans. Amerians are naive stupid fools.  British are clear aligned, inteligent, sophisticated, Grounded people. British comedy is better and greater than america.  British telly is better and greater than america.  British authors are MUCH better and greater than Americans.  Britain is a MUCH better country than United states!  I trust australians and briatins because I know they’re better.  I’m extremey competitive so I always have to connect with the best and therefore trust the best most readiy†l  Australians have (FACT) higher and better values than america.  I wear headphones and earplugs NONSTOP because I know american’s voices (especially around los angeles, squalor of muddy gross nincompoop losers) are TOXIC to the extreme.  Los Angeles is fuller of toxic draggers.  Staying in los angeles and experience MASSIVE dragger pain.  leaving  Leave los angeles and alteast find neutrals.  Neutrals will seem like nirvana, joy and peace, compared to the amount od draggers that have been intoxicating my life.
Happiness Factor
That wikipedia happiness chart. USA is ranked VERY VERY VERY low.  Which is true.  americans are unhappy people.
Derren Brown.
Richard Dawkins.
Prices in America are Intolerable.  This is specific to california, but the prices in california are HEINOUS.  One frozen dinner, 3 apple, 3 oranges, 2 heads of lettuce, milk, $5 of soda, and 1 nectarine cost me an astonishingly heinous $33!!  That’s repulsive.  In other countries the food is better more unique, cheaper, and better.
Atheism.  Core Highest Level LogicalLevels spiritual-scientific connections of mine are ALIGNED with britain my core beliefs are opposed to Americans!!
Britain is more advanced in what I am interested, America is like 50 years behind.Britain actively teaches things I’m interested in (Atheism and NLP!) America either isn’t even AWARE of that or Britain and AUS have advanced NLP teaching,  libraries in USA don’t even CARRY Grinder, bandler, nor la valle!
People Have Referenced/Recommended British People too me.
Wayne Moore Note: Gave him my business card, he gave me a ton of fishing advice (useless) but was this wild Alaskan dude, crazy as heck, 43 years ol leather jacket, with a crazy wife.  he looked like billy bob thornton and I left him my acting card and he said he knew these british friends that he’d try to hook me up with!  Far out!

Government stuff. only politics followed was watching Prime-minister question time.  I discarded all else crap; never watched american politics and when did hated it! But australian may be even better than britain!

Britain is better Religiously Aware. America is clogged with disgusting religious dangerous freaks!!! Religion is DANGEROUS!!  Britain has way more atheists excellent
America is an unsafe, despotic, thought police, controlling country.  Aus and Britain simply have healthy conscious clarity.
British and Australian Radio are all I listen to.  Listened to BBC dashboard since 2003!!  I rarely listen to american radio and when did listen to it, it was pretty lame! I listen to ausse radio too. big time!!
Australia has BEST People. Wise people.  focused, cool but their modest and not wealth-obsessed cool as!! Aussies can have true fun!!!  Australians are the BEST!!  Women seem more awesome. everything seems awesome.

I have exactly 42 days until September 20th.  September 20th, Ideally, EVERYTHING should be out of apartment.  That’s teh deadline.  Sweet.  that’s not much time.  Where will that stuff go?

I’ve CLEARLY Beaten ALL quests and maxxed the level cap and done all instances and raids in America.  The new material the new CONTENT is EU!!! FTW!!
Music is (good) Offensively BETTER   tHE BEST in Europe…
From Mozart and Beethoven to The servant, the stones, zeppelin, it’s ALL in Europe.  ALL the best music is european. RAD!

Europeans are good, SAFE, excellent LUCID, global, healthy beliefs. Europeans are REAL AND Quality and unique. ireland, original. Europeans are original  AMERICANS….
are toxic
believe their privileged and can therefore not give a shit about things.
think they got the best education in the world or live in the most biggestest and strongestest country and are members of the “higher people”
can laught and joke and relax because they’re “in the land of the free”
In reality, American is the most Orwellian country I have EVER EVER encountered.
The People are blind, chauvinistic, disgusting, revolting, and vile.
The people are stuffy, revolting, and I want to vomit in the face of most americans and smear shit over their disgusting toxic filth.
The vacuous pomposity (britians have the right to be pompous, ameriacns do not) is so pathetic.
They have their gas guzzling cars and 90′ tv screens and waste their pathetic useless lives away pathetic losers. ZERO quality in america.  America is all carbon copied sham. American’s are carbon-copied shams.
I wouldn’t go to Stanford or an american west coast university if Someone PAID me 100,000 dolloars becaues it’d be revoltingly retarded and awaste of life.  West coast is all about “do what’s interesting and new ideas” I DON”T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT NEW IDEAS NOR INNOVATION NOR ANY OF THAT FUCKED SHIT.  I CARE ABOUT EARNING MONEY AND SURVIVAL.

AMERICA IS GAY.  America is a GAY STUPID country. America is NOT COOL.  It’s full of stupid clothe NO STYLE, NON-QUALIYT, ABSSENCE of Quality.  America is like a honda everyone driving honda.  Europe is like viper, it’s like horse and buggy, it’s like convertible jeep. It’s ALL good in europe. Europe is COOl, ADVANCED, high tech, QUALITY, FAst-talking GOOD PEOPLE.
Americans are HOLLOW losers obsessed with money. Americans are DORKS.  Americans are pathetic, waste of life losers who think that “everything is in their pathetic vacant, void country” when NOTHING is in america.  America is a hollow husk full of braindead idiots.  The only problem with that is that I’m in that awful country.  Americans are OBSESSED wtih “looking good” and “being good” but they fail 100% americans are fuckhead pathetic losers.  Europeans WIN.  Americas are LOSERS.  Americas are ALL lsoers in life.  Slanick is winner.  europeans are STYLE.  SOPHISTICATED.  Americans are toddler babies NAIVE ignorant pathetic people. Europleans are ADVANCED and sophiscated and INTELLIGENT and Europe is a Life UPGRADE. America is a DOWNGRADE, america is living in a STUCK non-evolving life.  Europe is MORE EVOLTED>  AMERICA IS GREEDY and Empty and Dimwitted.  Europe is Briliant, sharp, FUN, UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL

Okahy, FEELING TREMENDOUS.  1.  Ran/walked/NLP envisioned on trail for about 1.5 hours really. 230ish to 4ish.  Showered before and after the trail. on the trail, envisioned torturing ssk, tdk, nguey, bauer, daley, people who didn’t hire me, etc. EXCELLENT.  And Most importantly made the profound connection with how we’re all here because of the goldilocks effect and astronomy, etc. VERY” RAD.  goldilocks effect etc.

Tortured SSK And tdk b/c:
they deluded me into getting interested in things I was not interested in (computers to some extent, judge, cooper ,psychology).
not helping me when I needed it in life (to earn money, etc).
ssk for being manipualtive cruel etc et.c
FElt TREMENDOUS freedom NOT talking to and completely IGNORING that stupid american when he said “hey what’s up or hey how’s it going?” Just hopped in car and sped off. THAT Felt GREAT.  It made me feel smart! excellent.
Ten things that MAke Americans RETARDED:
  1. 1.  Toxic beliefs.
  2. “Chasing the bigger box” syndrome
  3. Gas-guzzling car obsession
  4. Out of touch with nature
  5. Pollution — light, car pollution, etc.
  6. Stupidity, Unintelligence
  7. widescreen tv watching, mind numness
  8. uniformity
  9. Conformity, group think
  10. illusion that their country is the best when ti’s the worst
  11. lack of quality, no originality.
  12. 2.  Obsession with luxury and opulence.
  13. Has the WORST outlook on life.
  14. Naive.
  15. Ignorant outlook on life
  16. a country of enemies
allusions to Britain
Crazy fish guy who gave marijauna said would hook me up with british guys
both “new parents” are british — dawkins hitchens
Great music, fave new bands — captain dan and the servant
main podcasts are british = slanick, totalbiscuit, dawkins, oxford
i love british cockney
Might have capacity to make friends there!! (unlike usa).
Americans sound like Babbling infants compared to the eloquent and erudite british tongues!
“infinacny is charming in infants; not very charming in grownups” — Hitchens
Britain is like a king beast
it has had dibs in almost eveyr country in the world.  it’s picked up food and cuisines from around the world
and localized them.  they ahve excellent traditions, the smartest people.  Formal proper good people.
GOOD cuisine!!!
do not want to do computers
it’s all rules based up on versions and the verisions of the language libraries change. thus it is not true universal!! It’s almost fiction!!
Thigns that are not this are math,  but definitely PHYSICS adn electroincity and biology.  you can’t change physics biology, electricity, that’s just the way things are.  TRUE!
But i’m learnign comp scie for the logic in it
What is my obsession with COLLECTING random shit things
Hiking/camping gear (if it’s not complete it’s useless.  TRue).
Scuba stuff
Cat stuff
Dog Stuff
Random book shit
Britain Imperial
In many ways, the british traditions of gobbling up taditions cuisines etc (indian spices, fruits and vegetables from around the world in its conquests of old) reminds me of ME! haha learning  (ooo loud motor outside)  of other traditions and indian cuisine (hillary, maya, i think anne, etc)  good times.  the tea.  Shoot uk is expensive tho.  cheap is great.  That’s a problem

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