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New PBS BBC Holmes
November 11, 2010, 9:16 am
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Dorney Jr. is a highly-talented actor, but as Sherlocke Holmes in the hollywood production of hte film he was poorly cast and didn’t do his character justice.  I was disgusted and repulsed by the smatterings of the hollywood version of Sherlocke Holmes that I saw.  This BBC version, however, is wonderfully cast.  The usage of real london is brilliant. The Holmes actor is VERY well cast, a twinge too effeminate (Holmes needs to be slightly more rustic) but has the “intellectual momentum, fluidity, and acceleration” that Holmes has.  John Watson is magnificently cast and played and easily the best actor in the entire scene.  But holmes (whom is a VERY hard character to play) is well-cast and well-played.

Problem at first was the “questionable character” of holmes with the very annoying police officer woman saying he was a psychopath and warning watson and then moriarty warning watson.  This was NEVER in the book.  So the deviation from non-canon doyle (which was an unnecessary deviation.  the deviations to improvise for the 21st century were extremely clever) was completely disappointing and aggravating.  This was resolved as lestrade said he was a great man and ultimately the questionable character evolved into “controversial, but trustrworthy” character.

I was definitley impressed with the usage of some of holmes antics from the book (in one short story it was the scratches on a wind-up watch instead of a mobile texting phone that revealed the drinking habits of it’s owner).  The bizarre warped cabbie was clever and might have been in some story.

I thought it was well cast, fairly well done.  Some things were unnecessary (the questionable character sub-theme).  Having primarily only all british actors was ESSENTIAL.  Absolutely essential.  I think moffat wrote some dr. who stuff and I think I remember NOT liking his dr. who stuff, but this was fairly okay.  I still think Basil Rathbone is the best holmes though.  with the combo of WELL-played nad cast watson and the vast momentum of this, it comes close.

Also, I liked the introduction moriarty and would’ve been open to appearances from him now and then but felt ne needed to be heftier (he was a much bigger build in doyle canon) and simply less prevalent (he was in roughly 4 short stories total).


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