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Sprinted around to 6 different places (9-10 stops total) Easily ran an extra 2-miles
December 30, 2010, 1:47 am
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19/12/2010 19:40:05 ##—$

Sprinted around to 6 different places (9-10 stops total) Easily ran an extra 2-miles

Saw how similiar MANY of hte places were also differenc.
NEO smelled like butt but I thought going there would be interesting.  I am not a neo person at all lawl. saw tht crazy dancer chick. it smells like a musty gym gorialla locker room.


at franks the door man was staring me down and looked like a short-haired Mystery erik von markovick

Yakzees stopped by twice in once to inquire about vest and talked with Cubans cjaket and chris. Chris thought my name was paul but it sounded like he said What’s up “Baller Man”

Tin Lizzie

Tin lizzie saw short-haired annie lennox girl (WOAH , not unlike the neo chick) BUT the most GORGEOUZS boobed Burby woman of my life.  DD Boobs.  BEAUTIFULLY shaped.  I could whack off to her EAsily.  She was more hot than Bea Flora.  I NEED to be dating a woman with huge breats that I would be whacking off to but instead of whacking off, dating her.  This sounds ridiculously obvious but for some reason the women I’ve been exposed to dating haven’t had huge boobs or the huge boobed women have TONS of resistance of which I don’t want ot have too much annoying persistance. but WOW this woman was the hottest breasted woman I saw the entire night for sure and in a LONG time in general.  In the future I’ll stay at lizzie especially considering I only go there 1 day/week tops.  I sprinted around to the six places yakzees twice, duffy’s twice, lizzie 2-3 times so 9-10 places in ONE night!!!

Why?  Maybe I was so aroused by bib-boobed bea flora like burby woman.

I got rejected SOOO many times by women.  


OH at duffy’s I stood up on a chair and danced with this Immaculate White Skin woman. HAHAA felt like tallest poppy lawl!! But and I asked the girl if she’d like to ksis me and she said NOT now!! maybe later. GOOD INFO!!!!!   I think Atttractive women might be EASIER because they’ll feel and act and operate more confidently BRILLIANT HEY!!

I complimented brittany’s hat and then (maybe I create a lot of noise for her who knows)

The atttraction to burby boobed girl was like 99.999999999% sexual.  It would be SOO amazing to date a woman like that SHE WAS the TARGET officially.  Maybe should look at it as raid?? hhmm

Ayways.  these jounrals are good I ate a huge salad and confjured tension to say to  brittany oif I sweee her agina  can I talk to you for 30 secounds. everytime I’mve seen you and ienteracted with you which has been practically no time at all but every time every utterance or thing you say or what you do with your body is like aiming ot be the best person you are. that makes me feell… I love you.  I love that.!!!   You’re like that attractive cousin that you aren’t supposed to be attracted to! lawl.

Duffy’s I

I insteantly Kevin holds the door to heaven.
AND rhymed about Jen, too!! HEY!!!!
so it’s like rhymes


I commented saying it looked like someone’s living room but not “homelike”


smelled like a gym a gross gym but some people there are great/okay meh meh.


saw filmography so that seems like film stuff and I was talking about tv shows there and accents


when I inquired about vest some dude next to chris and the cuban’s jacket dude had an iphone with vagina’s on it so that coudl  mean it’s not porn?


sorts? I’ve ran before it at times? or dating/  I said Lizzie was like Business bar. business, clothing, clientele.  INTERESTING!!


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