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February 19, 2011, 5:25 pm
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Combatante and sack of flesh women like that aim to siphon life from men and enslave them to fulfill their own lack of security and confidence.  But what also happens is she wastes her OWN life.  She siphons life form someon because she always needs to be in power, so she’s always in relationships where she’s in power and the other person is  helpless subservient victim. But that ALSO wastes her own life. So SQUANDERS her life feeling like she’s in power when she’s just wasting her life with a boken relationship, wasting the lives and time of two people (herself and her subservient partner).  She thrives on men worshipping her, ejaculating and masturbating to her and I’ve seen her and heard what she says about power.  Combattante is a DISGUSTING putried hollow mess, she really isn’t that much hotter than alvarez but she incomensurately thinks she’s a deity.  Everytime she fallaciously boosts her confidence by having someonw worship her, she distances herself from genuinely building her own confidence and will perpetually be a disgustting, pathetic shame dirty gross infanty baby. There are nice and cuddly cute adult-babies, but Combattante is like the exorcist disgusting life-siphoning loser puerile buffoon who really shouldn’t exist and is a humanity-blackhole producing only wasted time, airhead futilty, and zero progress.
Maya was like that.  MANY women are like that, but not all of them.  Most women just waste and squander time, some are gogeous AND uplifting and fulfilling. Women like combattante (and the herds of cattle women like her) are sacks of flesh, insecure, shallow, feeding off subservience and deadly intelligence and progress in life.  They’re like swampy mucks of anguish and depression. They’re insecrity is masked by their modeling and attemtp to draw attention from others.  They know themselves less than any person and how unconfident they are is nauseating and most of all pathetic.  Sack of flesh women are hollow.  there can be voluptous attractive women who are complete and fulfilling  but combattante and many women like her are empty succubi that are helpless and defeated completely in life and they spend their entife life deluding themselves into thinking they are not defeated, when they are and have been for decades with almost every human interaciton.  Pathetic pieces of putrid fecal matter.
uplifting women are good.


February 2, 2011, 12:16 am
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installing ubuntu? how where? imac? netbook? compatiblity?

am I a coder?

am I a voice actor?

librivox feedback on how to appreciate music harsh.

Jason st. peter’s question about coding. 

should I order grubhub and then freeze much of it?  possibly heah.



outcome ubuntu installed to work with total compatibility in both

yes I code

yes i do voice acting

redo or make changes then upload it.

stah peetz wanted some coding insights but also sparked my own interests and uncertainteis of coding

I’d order grubhub.  you can get

pad thai

pad thai

kung pau

3 rangoon


Keep pad thai and kung out, freeze rangoon, curry, and another pad and thus have good frozne meal and are set for a long time. plus Awesome clarity occurred where you organized papers properly last time. true (and now have that large box of likely deleteable files. sweet)!