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two wheels and a map book
April 15, 2011, 11:54 pm
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201104Friday, 15 April 20116:32:43 PM–$

Ree two wheels and a map.

People do bike trips like this ALL the time.  What a pansy!! This is a lame weakling and the fact the got a book published out of such a trivial feat is aggravating.  I know people who biked across the country and they didn’t need to bitch and moan thinking they would die.  What an insular myopic twat.  Most americans are like this.                

how publishers actually publish this rubbish or rather NOT publish stuff that’s much better is sickening to me.      

i’ve been hit by a car on a bike.  I have heaps of experiences that are more story-worthy than this.   

and water in water-bottles that’s so hot it’s like tea?? So fucking what? I’ve been in dozens of more dire situations than this.  It’s just the tone that makes it seem like it’s something intrepid (when IT’S NOT) is so revolting.  I scorn this book. 

what a junky looking bike setup too.

I need to do a few night/week bike trips but would prefer in europre or aus.

i like travel journals and have done many of them, but the fact that this was published and it was SO uneventful (basically a dolt getting lost) is apalling.  The only thing I liked abou this was that it was a travel journal and the east coast emphasis.                                                                                                                                                                                                          


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You are a hero. You should boast about your own awesome bike trips. Oh wait, you can’t write. Unless you’re blasting someone who can. Stick to riding

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