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Gratitude list 20110524
May 24, 2011, 7:15 am
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PROPER RELAXATION!! Quality uplifting!!! Moved into den WITH briefcase AFTE Rfully cleaning house and awesomeness BLASTED mozat paris AND My own recording glass of water on ice AND bourbon on ICE. QUAALITY. Took shoes off right before this, too OMG I love my samsonite case going to write about how good I feel now.

I LOVE this feeling.  Just did A TON of work.  Cleaning, organizing, Blogging (want to upload), vlogging I mean (upload). BRAINSORMED Philleas Travel Systems.  MARVELOUS and I have the most SICK awesome briefcase YES!!!! I LOVE THAT.

I’m SOOO fucking grateful for
1.mozart paris  KV297
2My LIST of material_items_all_jtk
3for PYTHon and geany
4MINIMALISM. I ‘m SSSOOO fucking grateful for minimalism.
5PHileas Travel Systems
6My sick awesome MIND!!!! My mind ROCKS!
7SOLITUDE!! I love solitude (night time and nature is connected with that)
8NATURE I love the clarity of nature.
9Wireless keyboard sare nice
10UBUNTU makes me productive with something so vital. CODE!
11EBOOKS are code for my mind and ZERO clutter. ZERO clutter!!! OMG!! I’m KILLINg off ALL paper-based AR_Thorought books SICK AWESOME sweet!
2 provides me with MODULARITY.  I can look up ANYWHER Ein the world IN THE WORLD and see EVERY physical Item I own and have and it will cause me to cut down on electronics and systematize myh hygiene and it led to the invention of Philleas Travel Systems!

I FEEL awesome and grand!!!!


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