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October 31, 2011, 10:28 am
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Trying this diary thing. 
Installed 11.10 ubuntu.  Love it.
Little sleep. on hammock with auoda for 30 min. sleep. feel focused.
Listening to podcast heard drunken "shovign cock in vagina" recording.  A bit annoying but reminder of sexual interest and maladaptive coping with anger via sexual outlet (HUGE).  Listening to recordings is rewarding.

Undecided on
bike (sell?!)
macbook (instealling games in it)


I like the idea of writing the books all in libre office

ubuntu seems so clean and awesome and it's great nad FAST soooo fast no beachball nor spinning blue ring of deat.  ubuntu rocks and I love popping into CLI connecting with core computer science at cli. rocks.

WOW this diary exports PERFETLY I LOVE THIS APP.  I LOVE IT.  I am happy in ubuntu  because it's coders open source and not a SCAM!! AND I Afford it!!! I am affording ubuntu and it's superior to windows and mac.  the coprorate earnign are and always will be behind because they copy and waste time setting up money scams.  I lvoe ubuntu.  Feel so aweomse in it.  Have not wkfed and it's because I got angry on windows nad mac rubbish yes prob!!!

Not certain about games might be nice to plop in and game on system all osetup (with gampead etC) but even that is not impotatn

I love journaling in this wow this ROCKS about time I used somethign more sophistictaed than text file!!! 

and this expeorts PAERAFECTLY YES!

Ther ARE games for ubuntu.  OMFG!!

I was so undecied about partitosn it's because I want ZERO mac and ZERO windows!!

I want 

105 db
300 linux


Why not?!!! All ths I love ubuntu I love ubuntu...and I DO it's safe it's clean it's fast it's code i's superb. That would eliminate the confusion of "which OS do I write in? word or libre?"  Then I would know it would be only ubuntu!  OMFG ONLY ubunut would solve so many problems!! 

Using ONLY ubuntu would mean

sell mac? -- because would only ue it for games (well m

aybe would just only have windows games on teh mac hhmm

freeze wow - because wouldn't have access to wow!!
write in libre - because wouldn't have acdes to word and wouldn't care!! they Math thing is better sweet!

prob also sell bike because the bike ws like old rubbish anger
I also ENJOY gaming in ubuntu (and there does exist some good games) because I AFFORD the OS>  ) NO.  Verne purchased 100% of ubuntu I afforded it entirely biof was not invovled in it.  Linux is safe. it's advanced; it's indicatove of coders. rocsk1

auoda seems like re-incarnated sherlocke

I feel pure, clean, happy, advanced, elite, coder, connected, CONNECTED, safe in ubuntu I love this OS!!!


I am angry  I didn't stick with ubuntu earlier.

I will be able to code python game in this I know it!! 

I  can make apps for ubuntu a community I like and support iwth liuxgeekoid

Software compnay
  this will resovle sooo many indeceiosn

(all pbbo will be gone basically!)

Undisclosed Wares

I AM SO happy looking and exploring software ubuntu some GREAT games.  I rememberplaying wesnoth.  I don't feel like a tool gaming ubuntu games!!  I feel the selection is SAFE games 9not scames) like Assassin's creed 2 is like scam alert game because it's trying to be a movie.  it seems true games like actual video games (like myth awas a proper game!!) are all on linux.  linux will alwasy be safe too because the opens-ource repels the coders that work to earn isntead of creating cod eand yeah if a game is for sale a coder usually makes quality otehr wise would target sole goal isn't to earn but to share code  OMG I LVOAE ubuntu I love this os!!!!!!!!!


So many solutions on what to use what not use will move forwad!!

Okqy in the future I must prepare to elimiante windows from life entirely possibly.

I also like ubuntu because less peopel use it!! SWEET!!  I love have unique (more unique ) os etc.  

I don't want to be tempted to use windows rubbish What aqbout steam stuff? hhmm those steam games suddenly seem like RUBBISh and painful and tool stuck in cinema rubbihs.

ubuntu is code REAL computer game!! and real os and proper and not scam.

like that "wilcohmen apple boot screen " was sooo hoakey and cheesye like "loook at all the langauge d and ppel we suppot " I had to put up with teh os showing off sales it was like a walking advertistee wher ecouldnt' remove advert label in windows and mac.  

Ubuntu is an example of an ESCAPE my purpsoe in using ubunut is efficiency, faster, better, safer, reaching decisions on otehr material clutter.  I KNOW I will get solutions and answers to material cluter using ubuntu because It's an OS in which I'm hoem and all this other lingering stuff will fall off or some may be userful or others rubbihs. UBUNTU is the antitehse fo rubbish I LVOE this!!

Infected wit hwindows
being siphoned of energy and stuff with windows hell
mac is out of hte picture etc.

I don't mind paying for a linux game!! because it's an OS I like and not like some scamming valve corp. TRUE.

PLUS I don't EARN so why should I over-support an os of richest man in world and all that rubbish and windows is coproprita eI'm a HACKER.  apple is AI.  apple is just fail.

Uubuntu is good its' liek NATURE it's the superir the best I love =it.=

I have more integrity. TONS of self-integrity with ubuntu because I afford things on it and don't pirate and love the community and have an entire blog that I LOVE writing entries to about linuxg ubuntu gnu/linux tips.

I am uncertain about 100% eliminating windows.

I think my life would feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo much better doing so.

well I may keep macbook and see how ONLY windows games goes (it may be annoying as hell and I may like gaming much more on ubuntu and coding and podcast and everyting SWEET I love life I love ubuntu!!!

This is one of my first happy journals in ages months.  I haven't been drinking.

I loved playing wesnoth but thouaght it was "random" game " oh ahve to get back to coprorpat games on windows rubbish".  Wesnoth is bigger than tons of steam games (TRUE) and it's quality and I ENJOY it.  Almost all steam games they try to cheesily make you feel in movie and I AM TOO smart for that.

Smart People Use Ubuntu.  I am Smart.  Therefore I Use Ubuntu and I Enjoy And am productive and happy with ubuntu gnu/linux!! wahoo!

I have been smiling nonstop the past 20 minute using ubuntu.  All these UNCERTANTIES are unliking.

I'm verne.
Biking is unimportant.
pubd will laughably fall off and be discarded.
I could happily do 100% ubuntu (zero windows; zero mac). 
I love cats. 
I love nature.
Ubuntu is minimalism but superir and fast and elite and coder.
Android dev now feels possible again!

woudl like highligheter app I don't want to use wine ever again.  GOOD!

OMG You dont' want windows then!

I don't want to pay for windows nor mac!!

I am sick of piratebay.  

I can't afford there software and BEST wouldnt' want to!  I feel I can earn using ubuntu because it's friendly safe clean, smart. like me!!!

I may very well sell crap macbook and get some android thing maybe archos idk droid moto? Idk 

All I know is Using ubuntu rocks I love this I love seeing my username Verne. I like this i lovethis!  Wow so happy.  great apps .  I LIKE the reviews I like the revies Am not in some anguish thing.

wonder if did ubuntu on macbook? hhmm meh idk don't like that because would I REALLy dislike that idea.

I don't like mac.  I like the dell with ALL UBUNTU.  

I thought francie jay eheayv lapto i macbook heavy.  I don't like the idea of ubuntu on macbook crap. meh because I don't like mac!! 

I might try that?  IDK seems like rubbish meh. 

I LOVE ubuntu.  not sure aobut macbook.

MUST AVOID future infection of mac

prob with MAC is its association with OS (apple os )that I HATE!!   true.

Want to preclude toxic windows posisbly .  I may redo tht partions scrheme I just want to make UBUNTU MAIN and veyr possibly ONLY os.

uncertian aobut the "gaming in windows theing' doesnt seem fun usually seems liek scam, overpriced etc.

ubuntu community feels safest.

I LIKEA suppertoign amers  b/c I would like to earn as a game coder, but I realized I'd want to support uubntu games WAHOO!!

also backgroiund of gnu/linux ubntu rocsk.=

porn addiction on mac
game addiction on windows

I feel CLEAN on ubuntu. TRUE WAHOO.  I feel like how life is supposed to be.  I like like me on ubuntu.  For someone who uses computers this much OS is like different country and I LOVE UBUNTU wahoo esp. on dell because lightweight fast rocks!

all games weorks nad game graphcis rock. 

I may buy a ubuntu game mehbe.

the nuacnes of ubuntu work.

all that ical SHIT I went throug hand applescript fail and waiting forwever for windows delays and crap keys.

I INSTANTLy can navigate like crazy fats in ubunt tons if keybard it's not clicking waiting I LOVe ubuntu It's like a spaceship hvoercracp everyting windows and mac were like crap cars.  uubntu is like time maschien aseom.s

listenign to recording fuck  day sex addiction rubish FROM crap os.  

UBUNTU IS happy qul I love the revies everythign I shoudl write a few review waqhoo!!

it's like everythign is RIGHT in ubuntu.  email is vernekreska.  Ubuntu software works AWESOme most amazing over the air update (infitiel better than apple and winow) apple and windows made you PAY 100s of dollars for an OS upgrade what a SCAM RIPOFF!! FAIL wanker windows and mac. that's a scam!!!!!!!

ubuntus is not only NOT a scam butit's peace miniamlis efficiecny advanced fast lighting fast GREAT community =heaven=  (awesome clarity peace) quality ahppiens . cessation of anger it rocks! 

I  UBUNTU because it's BETTER tahn windows and mac combined!! AND it gets beter through one's lknowledge of OS to a coproorat moron ubuntu wouldn't fit and it shouldnt' fit with corporate morons because corporoate morons ar ethe ENEMY!!!!  That's why I need to get off biofam estea.

i FEEL things I want to achievve in life (EARNING FROM CODIGN a UBUNTU GAME and ANDROID app waho!!!!!)   are possible in ubuntu because I am so compagiblt with ubntu

I WENT THROUGH a lot of HELL elimianting windows and elimainte mac that I don't want!1

Highlihnght isn't that important.  it's important but not excessivle.

I am cisdoer not even usign wine!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS JOURNAL app is amazing I will review it!

NOW HERE is what I must be cautious about.

I FEEL GREAT right now (listtle sleep.) lsots of caffeine listenign to my recordi9ngs (the best as usual) classical in backgorund BEST OS IN THJE WORLD EVER linux ubuntu going .

now I must not thinkg "everything is great and wahoo!" BECAUSE HTERE'S RUBBISH OUT THERE.  Just because I'm not connected with rubbb and only connected with qul at momment (ubuntu) deos not mean invulenrable to rubbishy.

I must seriously consider eliminating windows game usage.
I must realize outside is NOT SAFE (and never will be). 
I must set up code and move forward with ubuntu more ftw. 

I could boot and uadio surf in other windows acocunt HEY!!!!  I don't need macbook AT ALL that could just go in savings!!

listenign to old crap journals nad I realize that porn addication was SO fail and SO b/c of crap OS.

OS IS home so Ubuntu is like real home!!

I wanto t play audios ur.

allthis angry sexf is indicatiove of elimiantg crap I don't want (mac nad windowS).

I like ubuntu and just did jump-rope like motion.

Jump rope might be GREAT to get for TIMEFRAMER!! I feel safer using jumpropE!!

i like jumprope because it can be modrular nad math SET stuff and not trying to beat certain time!! It's fREe of  "that was fast or slow" and old crap exercise thign that made me feel stuck and broken (half mile time rubbish). 

OMG I wrote CRAP in mac ( CRAP0 and sort of rubbish in windows. I may WRITE more clearly in ubuntu too!

I just ws going to install audiosurf and I bet I could find a similar game to that on ubuntu. 

I may have bene moving away from windows PERMANENTly teh apst year. 2010 second half was windows and I may have been moving away from that permaently.

I'm safe from so much scam and rubbish in ubuntu.  Ubuntu is like invulenrable to scam and rubbish in some wasy well not involuet but precludes ton.

Dong jump rope takes MENTAL focus and it gets respiraoty what a gREAT workout!

listeing to old recording of being I HATE I LOATEH vyle shit.  and I was tlakign about how much I like linux geekoid. the entier recording is

it's arroginate it's disgusting it's annoying it's toxically religious 9well except for atheis mfortw)

new vyl is oka ybut OLD vyl is R"UBBISH I could just do 80% linuxgeek and then 10# random meh.  90% linux.

screaming I hate it.

and I reviewed expressing obs and  life last night and it's RUBBISH it was mimicking tony robbins hel..

said set 

set ...

said throatfucekd into brain with HEL 


that's OVEr I like tech great reocingg 

all teh stuff in this reocrding I'm doing!!

clasical music =etc!=

I keep saying  your life is really stupid gibbrerish idiotic. IT WAS.  

tech for the win1@!

NO WINE  in ubuntu.  I tried to use audiosurf and it crashed.  I'll even unisntall wine!!

wine-free FTW!!! WAHOO!!! 

 I love ubuntu!!

how did I just change that font.

OKay this is clarity happiness.

I WANT TO PERPETUATE this I dont' want to fall off into hell.  how do I make this endure?

I was going to reboot adn play audio surf.  I think maybe reinstall EVERYTHNIG with JUST

345_LINUx maes sense!!!!!

why keep even a 60 gb windows partiton? What would I use it for?  

I thought what about garmin maps and stuff.

but that's the thing if the windows OS is so wretched nad unpleasant, it wouldn't b e worth it to boot up for just one or two apps.  and it's not mainstream. ubuntu is my MAIN os by far.  very possibly only.

I may experiment agamign on macbook if I can treat it like a console mabye will see.  Ithink i'll get clarity on that too thought!!!

I AM CLEAR GOOD on why I couldnt' decided on partions because I don't want any windows nor mac in partitons  OMFG I can have eveythgi ext4 if I want!!

well yeah!! might make db scrt ntfs? meh interesting!

linux has the windows snap of windows windowe but not cold and drab and usefull. and not lcoekd dorn random mac rubbish its GENUINEY better than both windows nad mac combined!!!!

ubuntu isbeter than windwos and mac combined IT ROCKS!!

Now what do /i want to do?  I don't know?  I changed the cursor to a block which I GREATLY prefer. Helps me focus on the block so that words crank out.  

work on popp?
game on mac?
voice work?
eat food (oatmeal/beans/1piece toats left?)

I'm scared of going to little store and don't want to. fear of ppl. indeed.

in recording amd talking about wow. 

I may not need rig.  totalsbiscu used windows and I don't like windows. 

feel ucnertian bout what to do play wesnoth? 


was trtying to install drivers on macbook for windows games nad did speedtest.

some comcast chicago cam up as 4. somethign megabytes/second.  steam showed 1.5mb/s second. TOTAL scam from simul downloads of ubuntu software and iwndwosdn and steam prob.

first off this isn't comcast and secondly THAT WAS A SCAM to cause my brain to think Ooohhhh chicago has "fast interent " (it doesnt' internet is same speed anywher and with good connection less traffic prob alwasy way faster in country!) soooo that was a failed hijacking attempt causing me to feell....ohh sex and boobs and "fast surfing internet' in chicog but that's rubbish that was a FAiled scam and fallkacy.  Glad I saw that rubbish.  did rescand and it said indian like .4 that's as cam to make thign "ooh chciago is faster" rubbish no it's not.  it's a putrid hell-hole I hate that swquarle .

I hate all crap bas easo ion thos on east sdie of crap ste
that's over rubibhs
that stupid boobs bartender at otehrside fail that was rubbihs

IDC about b ars I hate bars! after france bars ewere ikcyh and just went in there to get random women rubbish meh fail.

so THAT is how I get hijacekd those LITTLE fallacious mind virus (false speed test.  totally spuiroid it was a hoax rubbish ad it's the same sub-1mb internet speed it's always been and not related to otehr stuff It shoudl be 5mb/s minimum) but it's not and that chicago thing was trying tm ake me thing "faster ther "w hich is a scsm it was trying to link "somethign I waqnt fast interen" with "taht lcotion" but I can get fast interenst ANYWHERE with right serivef conneciton . so I trust chicago INFINTIELY LESS now.  Booya!!!

that VERY deceitful failed hijacking attempt occured while using macbook (hate) and windows (uncertaint about but seems okay. maybe I just never surf net it might be okay with macbook-windows combo.  

But that's REALLY toxic that could have been a devastating hijacking.  I've got to be cautious of those bigtime.

Soemteims I want ot game I guess little or no websurfing sweet

and then the chicago rubbish was to trying to make you thin sex bobos that sucks  that' anger. TRUE.  I dont' knwo wht to do tand that' dangerou wanted to play games not surf

I should just lcick cli kgame pop up on rubbish

though Ooh might be like that person who had glowing head who said guess if go in chicaog RUBBISH that's lame that'sw sex-driven fail agenda as had in the past LOSER AGENDA. chicago is a shithole and I hate it.   i have nto beend duped by that fail thing. 

that said I DO DO want proper itner concetion though!

okay don't feel as ON anymore

hearing this recording and of how upset I felt I feel al ot of michigan was a SCAM of toxic biofam . them putting me out here ws HUGE enormous scam.  TRUE.  

but that's the whole problem.  I will always be scammed and victmized by them ANYWHERE as long as I lack financial independne

but I heard how uPSET I was and then how FREAKISHLY (months and months of patience) I was with stuff and then again though I need to burn things and it just took 6 months instead of 6 days lolz.  not lols .but I may stay out here.  I just want choice of wher eI go

france to chicago no choice
chicago to mi sort of choice but prompted
to cottage no choice (but acceptable in some ways).

to def pricneipls

if you're uncertain of what to do (or eat), drink tea (it often helps)!

scared at how upset I sounded then patient with comptuer etc and how GYPPED SCAMMED DERPIVED UNFAIRLY I've been treated in life. (with not earning).

I REALLy ahve to be caustion about htat ballance

wanting to fukcan pretned or actually know what doing AND realizign most all sexual thigna are ALL scams.  and everything

Also the world mistreats me really.  

I haven't slept much but realize how depressed I feel. no light, no outside during day. it's so depressing.  it's so imprisoning.  and then fear around people constantly and fear of not earnign and then prob body and mind al lfreakish around favourite holiday (halloween) that's what's going on prob.  

but chociago DID treat me like rubihs 9except ravens that was okay!! But other places fail rubbish ravens was okay and hostel nearby  but that was scam and I'd never set foot in that putrid house 428 biof fail so that's out!! hostel lolz =hhmm.

fail doesn't interst me. That whole thing got thrown off with speed test which is why I fear windows.=

i feel microsfot wants me to stay with windows (fuck them).  I fear using windows for fear of distractions like that.  like REALLY fear.  windows is an illusion because it's most stuff cna't afford

I may buy steam games (can b/ it would be past 31st and nov 1st nice).


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