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Watched my vids evenign yesterday) – chess
November 2, 2011, 10:12 am
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Watched my vids evenign yesterday) - chess
hfunnily read about tesla badass and dracula lit criticism in basement. Standing desk ROCKS I think a combination of eating a lot and WATCHING my vids has led to alignment. jolly good!

NOT wkfing felt really good.  Maybe I should just eat rice nad fish here until fish is gone and then get groceries?  IDK doesn't seem like groceries will occur tomorrow (in 6 hours technially) too scary.

I strangely feel like thigns I read are trying to help me.

I read aout how Reti (or osmeone can't remember) was supposed to study math but studied chess. I LIKE THAT.  I love those thigns and wnat to study more math and hcess and do math problems SWEET!!!!!!  and chess and classical music OMFG.  Strange how something I plan out i basically NEVER do!! So freaked about grocery. holy =hell.=

Slept 2am to 1330

dreamt jsk flipped off top of 428 and we were horrified thought he died. timboj loser disgusting wanker was like "chilling" outside at spears house and then we found james floating face up in a small pool with back overly arched but was alive and we were like thougth you died and he was like I did.  


Then ?I envisioned wrinkly boobs and spindly boobs and sexy boobs and gross flabby boobs of the danish women to like deglorify boobs.

dangit Iwas all ahppay and about to play vid games but worried I would fare better if I did work in ubuntu. DANGIT!!   I want to beat half-life and then stuff and I fear playing vid games will prevent me from godo android learnign well I can do that later fuckit . 

played video games. got VERY annoying. haven'tshoweed in AGES.  I like Reading and writing and blogging and coding and drinking tea and classical music and chess. video games have me resort to walkthrough reference every 10 minutes; they are NOT fun it's work and hellish .  therefore I may keep macbook but I don't see why I'd ever user it.  even fun games (big games) seem bland and dumb.  It's VERY likely I will =sell macbook= and cease or diminish greatly playing games; it's also very likely I will sell the macbook!

I may get a tattoo and dual lobe ear piercing.  /i like that
tao and/or A.  A I have talked to people about the most which shoulder? right.   has to be that's controlled by the left side of brain; =logic. =

my new "game" is finishing popp, blogging, THOSE are gamelike!! I like those games much more plus CHESS I am loving chess wahoo.  Video games are rubbish really they've become like movies. chess is a real game and qual and strategy and codign logic will be MORE FUN.  I am not sacrificing anythng.  I am not like "oh I liked those.." meh the gaems are not fun right now even half life I am like this is not fun. writing working is fun lifting stuff eating healthy shit there's NO food. have to udpate cat stuff.

FUCKIGN IRATE.  INFURIATED. FUCKING F ORMATTING WORDPROCESSORS CANNOT USE THOSE PIECES OF SHIT UNTIL TOTALLY FINISHED.  CHANGED CAT LITTER.  I CANNOT do voice work authoring blogging  vid game coding aI CANNOT do all that shit AND shower and have normal life=-body shit. 

I AM FREAKING OUT without food.  food causes me to wallow and be like Oh I can wait to get rid of or process that because I can wallow in food.  So not having practically any food is cause me to freakd out.

I think I should WORK in the basement.

Sleep in attic

and then cat shit and food shit is main floor.

i don't GIVE A FUK I don't want to be here. when changing cat litter thought of crap brad pitt drivign to west caost FUCK HIM foasfasqwjfwepoir3j

fucking hell. feels good to be moving and doing things having showered.

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