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love this keyboard! (approx. date)
November 3, 2011, 10:12 am
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love this keyboard! (approx. date)

Just randomly writing.  I love thiws keyboard but my lifre is HELL.  I can’t watch films because then distraction and then waste life shit.  I’m afraid of conneting with anying  I ‘ma evenr afraid of getting food because of fear of that being distracting and discomboboulating.  So I’m not eating much at all.  I can’t seem to make progress in anything.  I was going to reinstall windows in dell but then saw snatch deved in drive and watching some of that, that’s like not following through with plan decided upon.  True.  It’s allowing externals to direct internals.  I dislike that.

I follow through in grocery YES.  Good etc.  I eat food and then feel uncomfortable.  I get bored and then don’t eat food.      I love this keyboard though  phew it reocks I can type quickly on it!

I LOVE this keyboard!! It’s so comfortable and great clickyness and I can fly with typing on it.  Especially at standing desk.  It’s clear and smooth and it rocks.  I LOVE the sidewinder x4.  I did SOOO much keyboard research and this rocks!! It is backlit perfect clickiness. Great angle great built-in wrist rest.  Great colour.  IT IS Sooooo comfortable nad loaded with special stuff (I don’t use the macro keys much at all ) it’s plug and play but basically it’s the clickness that makes it incredible.  SOOOOOOO smooth and fast and no anti-ghosting. It’s marvelous.  Words and typing totally flies.  I thought I liked laptop keyboards, but this is my fave by far.  I love this sidewinder x4.  I am WAY more productive with it too!  RAD!

Cool awesome plannign what you want to communicate on splash screen
and then how to do it like
app name
visually appealing that's WHAT
and this is how sweet

maybe reading NLP a bit helped galvanize state of clarity but NLP is a means;
math and classical music and chess and computer sicence are what I want to
be doing!

OMFG I NEED to be using this awesome standing desk height + AWESOME keyboard + HUGE monitor WAHOO! 

And fecalmatter barf out crap wkf rubbish.  

Good codign reading!!

Thought about reading chapter at time with java in like 1999 and how it might be good to read all at once or something I LVOE code wahoo!

I also said hate brad pitt and I DO.  It’s rubbish!  Slop crap.  I love codewahoo! Maybe because similar to me in way and like couldn’t been like that but I’m HAPPILY NOT!! Or like variation of what ocudl have done but then gross sickly blegh ppl eww.  I love cats, code ,computers, classical music, chess ftw ahaha SWET!!  Should I abandon ALL computer games??

I really dislike the macbook.  I hate typing on it. It’	`111111111`,.klio9999999999999s rubbish. HEY what if I hooked it up to monitor and keyboard?  DANG this is where my usbe was mounted to!! 

The usb HUB.  Ahhhh this standing desk is marvelous I REALLy likje this it rocks!!!!

It is proper height.electrifyingly compatible (don’t want to say comfortable). PRODUCTIVT efficient fast fun, zippy.]

Might try game a bit.

I still dislike touching mac.  Iremember how infuriated I was this morning I am strongly considering selling mac rubbish idk.  I JUST HATE THE DAY. It feels like an attack.

I wonder if I had no concept of time and saw no light and sound outside if I’d still feel “drained during the day”.  I WRITE so fast aon this speedy happy aligned totally congruent compatible keyboard!!!!

a lot of work processing old rl dvds rubbish I still reckon I would like to Elim ALL of them BY FAr.  digital data ftw.  some are good but can pirate or handbrake.  I hate vacillating between (good voice, acting radio!) and then coding awesome must make android app etc popp I LOVE my sidewinder keyboard I dont' like typing on other keyboards.  I also got ANGRY seeing G9 Archos tablet because I can't afford that and wouldn't know which to get etc.  I DO want SOME kind of tablet most certianly read about resistive nad capactititaiv too.   I was sort of productive with recrodign stuff up in attic TRUE, but then I think it's more like home and should have gone into basement to study chess and android dev and do more coding work.      thought of stra and seren too hhm mwill hop in linux.  android is so like linux sweet!

Need to photo rest of DVD little pamphlet things then rip up and discard those.  Would like to get most all dvds DIGTIAL not on actual dvd too. Although some might  be okay but not really.  It’s still annoying swapping in actual devds even it’s something awesome like bbc life but don’t’ even have those! Dang I miss typing on my sidewinder x4.  I sooo picked out an incredible keyboard for that wahoo!!

Also realized with laptop or tablet! Can hook up sidewinder and crank out massive typing jour or book! SWEETNESS!!

I just got furious but I feel safe from the DVDs now.  I also have this profound clarity with code and moath and minimalism.  I said to toxic biof that they had too many houses.  I EXPERTLY coached them Too much (of my life wasted on coaching them).  I remember seeing how scattered timboj was in pikes peak rubbish thing and well…just slept nad relaxed. Dang. And saw that that was related to buyuing all this stuff to bury emotional problems. 

But I don’t’ care about that because they brought pain etc.  TRUE.

An argument I’m getting rid of stuff to escape emotional problems is invalid because I’m slowly getting rid of thigns and journal and am MASSIVELY on top of and aware of my emotional problems . I collected things to conceal things TRUE c’est vrai.

So I mustn’t drift back into coaching.  Coding is clear and free, but I realize with minimilz I can SEE how things are put together. I told them that a million times and they never changed.  If I see how a person is broke nand then they don’t change to “fix” themselves when I tell them how.  That’s infuriating.  It’s like a computer with no keyboard.

So I hate coaching rubbish and I fear effect of typing in attic or downeastoaiewtrioad j on actuall keybarod I like g

Okay.  So It’s annoying I can’t even envision top hardware situation.  What’s interesting is that I 

Yhou make progress by focusing in life.I studied ensemble etc. rubbish I need to focus on android more et.

I can’t envision gear situation (tablet in small attaché) laptop?  One rig main?  It would be good if could envision that wiping away everyt

I KNOW I LOVE netbook for reading at sleep. THAT ROCKS.  

I KNOW I love sidewinder x4 as fave keyboard.  

I REALLY like the sound of tablet wahhooo if they were free I would def get one wouldn’t know if would get 10 or 80 prob def the 250 one which is awesome yah!! Or 70 was original hhmm 

Realizing all my reading in youth was what I LIKED and it was tools I need for android dev!

Web design (selling, company id location etc)
Photoshop (making images for android dev!)
Other stuff.

2001 was like shit I HATED. Religion. Actual religion fail!! That was depressing rubbish dang.
In contrast
Code in youth was good great fun clear.  Could envision in mind. Awesome.

So coaching is rubbish.  I learned it to helpme a nd focus on and succeed reckon.  Might “earn” from it but meh.

Also thought of tdk rubbish crap beating person up male machismo failness RUBBISH. 

My back really hurts.

I fear my back is fucked up and my mind isn’t comfortable focusing on one thing for too long.  That is like opposite of Holmes.  And I need to focus (most likely on android dev) for career.

I REALLy like big monitor prob should have stayed in basemenet and not even gone to attic true.

2011 11 04
Fed cats prepared food.
  After talking to them about getting good gear.

Am in attic on GREAT keyboard I LOVE 

I don’t think I want all these crap laptops . I got dell to ELIMINATE mac.  INDEED.  I like/ love netbook for reading before sleep. AWESOME!

I may get food tomorrow although it’s not particularly necessary.  I wish I was in some place elegant.  AMERICA seems to be a dismal, swampy hell hole with flustered putrid infected zombie gross people. TRUE.  Chicago people are hellish and manipulative nad financially exploitative.  Michigan they’re kind of gross I don’t like saying that.

Thoughts being in attic caused me to be less clear during day. Slept in abominable room again.  Journal is a bit scattered I hate recording things in all these little different places I NEED ONE honking MAIN monitor and setup (could be with laptop but maybe prob rig).

Considering 1280, monitor, small cheap droid? No doz seems like a great investment.  Very cost effective etc.

Okay this is kind of okay.  The PSU says return to service thing and thought of random places (aus, Chicago, Britain, three oaks, niles?) and that’s all rubbish.  I need to afford a place of my own.  I DESERVE That.  I can afford places in Michigan if I earn.  And what that means is returning it back if it doesn’t’ turn on and it doesn’t turn on now I have to call tom’s hardware forum rubbish. 

 Basement is better attic sucks.  I don’t like attic. 

This is liberating.  I do not have time for video games.  My boos, my android apps, my minimalism, my body health, my book reading, and mor eI can keep a few simple games but they are SOO out of place from be the cat vet, thray, popp, nlpftw, two blogs, podcasts, scheduling blogs and podcasts, heatlh, reading great stuff, video editing, OS tinkering, journaling, meditating, and other awesome stuff.  I never want a console. EVER.  The walkthroughs and the time put into getting through a level or whatever is ridiculous.

Therefore I want to sell the macbook.  I installed TONS of games on it and I really don't care ab out wiping them all off. I'd like to get limbo data of macbook and then that's it.  No more. The games are unrewarding.  They are no longer immersive.  It would be nice if they were but they arne't and that's prob for the best because I can't earn with games. TRUE.  They've wasted money and I don't like the damn walkthroughs and they aren't fun.  I will get more done without them and I they put on pause all my proejcts and its fun moving forward with rpoject.s INDEED

chess is a GREAT.  I would feel productive playing chess all do (massively prodcutive).  I am selling the macbook.  I swished in 10 times it in a box ready to sell. I have been reading about cats. GREAT fun reading qual.  Games just are so anomolaous to my life and work and reading and everything.  

When cats stretch their bellies out infront of you they are saying they trust you.  Auoda did that FIRST time I saw her!! Also she meows at me when I look at her something that cats do when they like or know you well.  Ifeel like auoda is my long-lost cat!!! I do she acts like she knows me well it's like she lived with me and knew and knows me and came back.  She said she trusted me with that back arch and meows and whatnot. TRUE.  Hhm..  passeparotu I lvoe because of cutness but pasepoarut doesnt' mark likethat interesitn!

They're both awesome in different ways.  Auodo displays TONS Of trust signs even from when I first met her and on that deck she arched back immediatley true!

Audo has also NEVER bit me.
HUGE signs that auoda trusts me and knows me (she feels like long-lsot cat)!!

arch back first time saw her on deck second time whatever

mewos when looks at me. When I make eye contact indeed.
coial and nice.

I want to turn off comments.  YES.  Turn off comments on my sites.  GOOD.

Great.  COMPLETED the sell page for macbook.  Only steps left to sell it are fill in 1-2 details (neoprene case brand etc) photo the red light, everything (dvds comp, cases), and close up etc) and post it!

Prob is when writing it thought about using it for games on stomach bollocks!

That said HUGE breakthrough.  I don't want to be in this hosue so being in “less” of the house is liberating.  NOT using attic, abominable, nor fanroom is brilliant I feel happier already wahoo!!!! true c'est vrai.  I feel more in contorl.  I want to be inside in office but not here so being in LESS of the house is mathematically getting more of what I WANT TRUE I do truly feel better. Slept in dance dojo room.  I move forward with stuff this way.  Emailed jeff zheng and nelson in here too!

So I thought about keeping the macbook for horizontal game (NOT sex reference) but I still don't think have time for that. Can do tons of work on tnetbook and then the dell is like great relatively and then reig will be infiiteiae more ram and faster biggers owsbetetre aesaomwe

bid on moto droid
AND norelco for 110?? Has to be freakish odd.  Anyways. I realized I was focused NONSTAOP on the monitor yesterday and today I wake up and bid on droid and razor!! It's like I focus on one hUGE thing and other slightly less huge but still big things occur!  I finished (still need to add serial numbers) macbook sell page too wahoo!!! I had dobuts thinking should use that for game bollocks.  Will complete the sell page reckon though.  Damnit fear of being angry using it for games. Have been on netbook entire time. Today thus far. Feels great.

I do like gaming horizontal NOT sex reference!

Likely will order no doz.  I also did charity all for this month
hole in wall gang
SWEET.  Feel good about that.
Tons of ebay bids dang.  Feel scared buying stuff but am looking into amazon affiiliate SWEET! Wahoo!
OMG I could do apex productivitiy items with links toamazon as affiliate OH that's an awesome idea!

See there's big consequences to NOT using macbook for gaming (in addition to selling it more finaciial freedom)

if I sell it I have to plan in advance what NOT to use it for

I AM HAPPY HAPPY restricting house usgae.  LOVE blocking off attic, abomianbel and fanroom!!

I may record in kitchentte and may put table there? Hhmm bollocks.
 Ilike that empty blocking off parts of house is GREAT AND GRAND and makes me happier because I want “less of this” and that gets it!! and it's miniasmlasi sweet.

So what if I kept macbook I'd game...high graphics games on it like what? Darksiders hl? L4d? Meh idk rubb prob can do most on rig o0 r liasdtpsdtosdaitjwdasoijsdojwdogfw dell laptwo.

Realized asphyxiation resutls in EXTREME anxiety for cats.  That's what I feel a LOT of the time so seeing that makes me identify with that emotion in the cat! And identify it with myself true!  

I may order
no doze
jump rope and/or yoga mat
(to get it over 25)
no doz would be good investment would keep extra in first aid etc. NICE!

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