Rampant Polemic

November 14, 2011, 10:12 am
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I liked califonrication that was a decent show b/c 

smart protagonsit
good career
intersing babes
seemed interesting

what am I feeling, I get so depressed during the day.  I thought it was peaceful seeing the sunrise and now I feel burdened and annoyed and vexed.  It is kind of nice not having to talk and to write.  I like this .  this is qual. just can't seem to strike up vein of writing etc.  hhmm .  Two twoers was NOT about me.  I was not frank keensly.  I AM however phil and verne true.
I liked watching shows buttehy  almost always led to crap discombobutlaging stuff.  maybe watch californiacation.

under what conditiosn would I NOT squeeze auda.

If someone would see me.
Maybe if I wsa incredibly happy and overjoyed.
Maybe if I fed her an extremely small amount and she was frail and starving.

i need to be in ubuntu. windows really SUCKS.  I can't get things done int it and dont' like it. tRUE.  I like ubuntu a lot.

oww I feel really achy.  REALLY ahcy dang.  

I feel prett y depressed actually. REALLy depressed dang.  

can't ever go outside. 

so i'm acucastoi uaboiut wathcign stuff. etc.


okay I REALLY really am having douts about installing this is vexingand annoying.  my thougts

go all windows and only use ubuntu on netbook?  interesting but would have tons of empty space then which might be okay

I liked using hte dell just for word processing writing. if I have everything on it my brian explodes b/c it's not fast enough for tha.  thoughtou abotu just windows  word processing (wordpad NOT highend grpahics processors) and like sims or something.

I fear if I do the SEVEN partitions it will be overkill and too much stuff going on?  idk

but the nagain would make more usafeful or sometoith


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