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Listened to wow radio (which through me off prob) and Why disliked alan wake
June 25, 2012, 9:08 pm
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Moving To the UK This is an outcome I have saught and have attempted to accomplish through a variety of different means. It has posed to be one of the most (the most difficult I have encountered) difficult countries to enter. I want to do more than visit it. I don’t even want to merely tour the UK. Nay, I want to enter, tour, and live in the UK. How to accomplish that? Well, some NLP is an interesting idea. outcome – I would live in cardiff or london. My career will involve math, nlp, and/or computer science. preferably not nlp, but that may be viable. evidence – I obviously DO want to do this. I dont’ try to go to a country 5 times October 2009 March 2010 April 2010 April 2010 May 2010 in the span of 7 months without sincerely meaning it, without being serious about relocating there. evidence of it being possible – little. customs no doubt has my old name on file. I DID refute it, but wasn’t given much official support. I talked with the the head person. How that makes me feel – angry. cheated. lied to. gyped. unfairly treated. Again, the permanent record will have to be cleared of lies and libel. efe2 AGAIN approaching this I bump heads with the reputation distruction fallacious libel career hindering lies deceit hurt anguish caused by biofcult. how does THAT make you feel. vengeful. suicidally angry. cheated. imprisoned. a prisoner in a concentration camp. Coping mechanisms. hiding. drinking. neglecting. I recall crying in front of carter, drury, lindbladne( precisely what I DIDN’T WANT TO MAJOR IN!!!!!!!! I wanted tiny bit enlgish and tons of comptuer science) so again. I feel like a ticking time bomb because that fury of the libel on perm record is so destructive and unfair. so i focus what I would normally focus on before the libel without biofcult. that is computer sciecne and math!! i may reread this althought it’s too angering. ———- TB and slanik commentary. So I have been listening to some old archives of Cynicalbrit and Vendor trash. Why? you might ask. Because The cynical brit, Totalbiscuit (John) and the crazy irishman, Slanik (daniel) produced some of the best radio ever. I mean that. Others will disagree, but that is my opinion and it stands. For totally different reasons, of course. While they’re both freakishly intelligent, imho, their radio was good for completely different reasons. TB is bold, obnoxiously brash, very stable and systematic and reasonable. Slanik, witty fast, clever, even cute. TB is never cute. Both are highly amusing, entertaining, informative and yes indeed I admittedly learned some core critical reasoning skills from TB and from slanik…well learning from slanik is an even more frightening thought but slanik felt like friend while questing in wow. I had never (and still have not heard) anything like Vendortrash nor BluePlz. They’re fantastic and some of the best voice audio ever, imho. One comment, in blue plz s1ep25 tb is ranting about how their are fat people in america and europe and whatnot. Of course TB is biased to people in america (being less leniently critical); he just took a plane to america and his gf is in america ffs!! If my gf was in say, some european country, I definitely wouldn’t be critical of that country. But that said, it’s very unlikely that I would be critical of any european country for that matter b/c europe is ols and srs and awesome. Just some thoughts. Slanik’s radio (maybe b/c if I did internet radio it might be a blend of TB’s srsness and slanik’s witty (and very intelligent) cleverness I revere and enjoy those audios so much) is welcoming and hilarious and it’s non-threatening. You feel like you can just listen and enjoy it. HE said vendor trash (first heard the pilot yesterday lol) was just to unwind and relax and that it is. Few shows cause that (mainly because most all audio pisses me off and I avoid listening to certain things in the first place to prudently avoid the headache). Anyways that’s that. good times. I can’t really surmise slanik. He’s just a lovable entertaining, witty, hilarous, indeed crazy irishman who makes great audio. His background track is sick as well; very catchy and have never heard anything like that. WHY slanik didn’t continue with radio is befuddling and the fact that he didn’t seem to is slightly distressing. Maybe I liked the radio so much because it was guys just getting started with it. But normally that would be a crappy deterrent. Conclusively, I can only conclude that the irish and british accents, the gaming topic, and the witty clever, and then the reason (and criticical thinking; a skill I very rarely hear employed in the usa) of TB and the witty funny relaxed mode of slanik, awesome radio. Thanks cynicalbrit and omfg for keeping those respective archives available. I guess, also, that it’s pretty obvious (just for self awareness) that I like niche, highly nuanced radio. If you don’t play wow, their podcasts are completely irrelevant. I guess I like hearing audio on very specific things and that this is. Most audio has very little direction; (and while saying TB and Slanik’s audio has direction is arguable…lol jokes; they do) but these clips are enjoyable. =================================== —————- Spoiler – My dislike of this game I wanted to write a quick review of this game. I picked this up for xbox. The firs 3 episodes were acceptable and quite good at times. I would give the first 3 episodes a 7/10. However, then the gameplay plot played the (it’s all fiction and blurring fiction with reality) card and turned to ????. The game could make up anything it wanted. See that rock there. That’s really alan’s head, if you shine the flashlight on that rock, alan won’t keep finding manuscript pages. Or that tree? Yeah, that’s really Barry transformed into a tree and alan will forget this in a few minutes. Reality is blurred can be very cool if done right (matrix and something like usual suspects or fight club. where there’s a point of not knowing what reality is and what is fiction, but that lasts a short while. This game has many many hours of not knowing what reality is and what fiction is; that’s different from mystery and suspense mind you. Not knowing what someone’s role is in something is suspense, but blurring reality for that long is just stupid) but this was just horrendously sloppy. I thought I liked the quantum physics in those Night Springs tv shoes and other blending reality stuff, but the game took it to the point of stupidity. Conclusively, overall I give this a 2/10. I thought it was a ???? rubbish game. (Additionally, and this may sound pathetic, but I did find it scary enough that I had to turn the sound off. Strange because I played through and quite enjoyed Amnesia (arguably the scariest game ever made at the time of its release). It may have been confounding factors (like stress in my life, or not liking xbox possibly, or other things, but those don’t really seem to be as significant). Over all, this game sucked and despite positive reviews abound, I do NOT recommend it at all. Maybe because it took place in america (supposedly washington) and I hate that country. My only regret and source of shock is that it took me half way through episode 4 to realize I hated this game. This is a problem I have; namely that it takes me too long to realize I like/dislike something. Then again I think the game deteriorated in quality. Remedy tried to do too much with it, blurring reality with copious nuances. I liked the opening part of the game (the ferry to bright falls) but then it got cliche and overly-americanized (it’s quite likely I can’t play american games because they’re mostly so hackneyed and actually angering their plots are so either stupid or predictable). Good things about the game. Great graphics. The usage of flashlight + weapon was novel. I liked the barry character. I guess a main component of dislike is the storyline was too fragmented. This sounds counter-intuitive, but one must do a “reality warped” story without fragmentation or without long bouts of blurred reality. (like in usual suspects, there was about 120 seconds of blurred reality at the end; and the matrix had defined rules) this was just an amorphorous sloppy heap of blurred fictional-nonfiction reality and it was very very poorly done. Anyways, I know this is not the view of many gamers. If you want a horror game, get Amnesia. I highly recommend, and definitely enjoyed that game greatly (and the british protagonist (i.e. voice acting and storyline) was much more aggreable and enjoyable (even though in that game he had forgotten whom he was). I guess conclusively, this game was too american; that’s probably the reason why I absolutely hated it. Bioshock was great b/c that took place in a dystopian city underwater. Amnesia was in some (likely eastern european) castle. I guess I almost always automatically dislike a game that has an american tone and tries to recreate normal life in some ways. I play games to escape usually or to explore a different world. There’s no point in playing alan wake because where I’m currently located, there’s disgusting american hicks everywhere I go, so playing the game is almost redundant. This ranty and probably obnoxious, but just my 2 (possibly 3) cents. ————————- so many things


June 8, 2012
June 25, 2012, 9:03 pm
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20120609 pasttimeline
2300-0230 atti worked on popp book
230-300 recordings vide reco
300 showered
330 changed into fresh undershirt, new underwear, and new socks nad bicycle shoes (woudl prefer slippers and should get those clothing items hanes white undershirts, hanes ankle socks, slippers less than $20