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Thought of turning baement into porn dungeon or bar
November 15, 2011, 10:14 am
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Thought of turning baement into porn dungeon or bar

ABout as bad as I could be without being destructive or illegal.  was fed up with shit and thought hey I could wank or make food and then do posts and I decided JOYFULLY to do the latter.

This led to me realizing how mcuh I fucking LOVE the basement.  LOVE it. it's cool. secret. like a man cave. same color. no squeaky floors. hidden it's rad. like a hidden volume. one of best sleeps of life in a long time last night there too.

thought of how this house is like the broken fight club house sorta.

thought of fukcing that skinny chick.

Thougth of how I have abad said (not drugs destructig fail shit) that thinks of things like turning basement into porn dungeon or bar to EARN only to eanr obvis and secretive.

reading orwell helps.

Validate Your Life is SUCH A FRONT!! It's a fucking front to conceal my bad side.  must share more on OMSS. that helps.

best of all. WATCHING my vids helps sweet true!!!

I like the basement.  feel so much better after cooking food and doing shit omfg. good qual!

now will do the stupid "front" recordings.

but how I actually earn MUST be fucking  or bar that I host I thought of Geek bar!  I have a bad side (verne) that's not getting satisified.  once verne is doing all these bad thigns THEN THEN THEN.........."front" phil can interact with people witout anger.

what happens now is verne is like "is it time for me yet? yet? now? huh?" mor eand more and my front phil pushes him down.  he needs an outlet. had a bit with cats strangel.  but best outslet might be fucking? or rogue or whatever. idk.  whate outelt is must be legal. good.

maybe this should be on rampant. 


I HATE porn though I LIKE math!!!! fuck.

I HATE porn though I LIKE math!!!! fuck.